Before, During & After a Hurricane

With the impending storm, these helpful tips (from AIG Private Client) may help keep focus on how to to be well prepared. Following a storm, roads may be impassable and local shops and supermarkets may not reopen as quickly, especially if staff are displaced or unavailable. Prepare as if you’ll have no electric, cooking gas or running water for a prolonged period of time.

Share these useful tips with others, especially those thinking they’ll be fine for dozens of reasons. You never know!

Before a Hurricane Tip Sheet

During a Hurricane Tip Sheet

After a Hurricane Tip Sheet

What is a storm surge? ⬅️ Deadly!

Whether a current client or not, I am happy to help or can suggest resources to help someone in need. Call/text 212.280.2080 or email if I can be of help!

Stay safe!