4 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Car Ready for the Road

Do warmer temperatures have you daydreaming of a spring or summer road trip? Before you pack up your vehicle, prioritize preventive maintenance tasks and give your car a good detail. In honor of National Car Care Month, here are a few post-winter pointers to tackle before you hit the road.

Tend to Tires
Cold temperatures cause tire pressure to fall, and slick or bumpy roads can do a number on tire alignment. Check your tires regularly and add air when necessary to return them to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. And don’t forget to rotate and align tires to keep their tread from wearing.

Change Windshield Wiper Blades
Be prepared for spring showers by hitting the road with newly replaced wipers. Worn, ineffective blades often squeak, jump and leave streaks that can inhibit a clear view of your surroundings.

Test and Replace Your Car Battery
Both cold winter weather and blazing summer heat can take a toll on car batteries, reducing efficiency and causing corrosion. To ensure your battery has plenty of life left, look for a location that can test it. If the voltage is low, consider replacing it to avoid the inconvenience of the battery dying unexpectedly.

Wash and Wax Your Entire Vehicle
Salt, sand and winter grime can corrode metals and ruin paint. To prevent weather-related damage, give your car a thorough wash on a regular basis, and don’t neglect the undercarriage. Once the vehicle is dirt-free, coat the surface with a layer of wax to protect it from spring and summer storms.

Giving your car attention in the form of regular maintenance and cleanings will help prolong its life and keep you safe on the road this spring.