Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Is a deep clean of your home on your list of things to do? Kitchens and bathrooms usually require the most attention, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Make sure you hit these often neglected spaces for a complete spring-cleaning ritual.

What to Tackle in the Bathroom
Even if your bathroom has relatively little storage space, there’s likely a mixture of outdated items like medication, cosmetics and cleaners. And some of those could be dangerous.

  • Start by checking for expired medicine and discontinued prescriptions. If you don’t take them anymore or notice they’ve passed their expiration date, properly dispose of them.
  • While many cleaners may not have a clearly marked expiration, most lose their potency over time. If you’ve had a cleaning product for several years, toss it and replace it with a new, full-strength version.
  • Each cosmetic item has a life span, and keeping it beyond that time frame can lead to bacteria buildup. Eyeshadows and powders can last for two years, for example, while mascara should be replaced every three months.

Continue in the Kitchen
When spring-cleaning the kitchen, don’t neglect the pantry or spice cabinet. Some food demands your attention as it spoils, and others like dry goods, frozen foods and spices have a subtle decline. Baking ingredients have strict expiry dates, while spices lose their strength gradually, resulting in a loosely suggested shelf life.

While you’re at it, give your fridge and freezer a once-over. Clear out doors and bins where old condiments and food may be lurking.

Giving some time to these often overlooked areas can lead to a well-rounded spring-clean.