Ways to Lower Your Small Business Insurance Premiums

In an effort to pay lower insurance premiums, you can safeguard your business
in many practical ways. Below are some suggestions:

  • Install sprinkler systems and make sure they’re maintained;
  • Have all electrical wiring properly installed and insulated by a
  • Maintain adequate and updated files of business transactions and
    personnel information, including all signed agreements;
  • Adhere to proper industry-specific safety precautions;
  • Have all employees trained in the proper use of equipment — keep manuals
    readily available;
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting;
  • Have all vehicles regularly maintained, registered, and inspected;
  • Allow only employees with good driving records to operate company
  • Have clearly marked emergency exits, and hold regular safety drills;
  • Limit access and the number of distributed keys to your primary facility
    and/or vehicles, warehouses, or other facilities;
  • Have an arbitration provision in all your contracts for settling
    disputes, and to reduce the costs and hassles associated with those
  • Promptly repair any damages, unsafe conditions, or broken equipment.

If you make every effort to keep your employees (and yourself) safe from
physical injury, and if you have your employees read and sign well-crafted
conduct and behavior policies, you can lower your risks of accidents and/or
lawsuits, and in turn, lower your insurance premiums.

Source: http://www.allbusiness.com/human-resources/benefits-insurance-benefits/2606-1.html