Protecting your home against loss… The Basics

If you’re reading this, my intuition tells me you might have home that you rent or own… What would happen to you if you returned home one day to find your computer or prized plasma television missing? What if someone stole all your furniture? Worse yet, what if you came home to find that a fire occurred in your absence? Ladies and gentleman, these things happen every day, and yes, in New York too.

Let’s talk liability for a moment. What if someone files suit on you because they slipped and fell on your premise and because of a broken leg, cannot go to work for 2 months. What if a neighbors kid has an accident in your home, and for whatever reason, you’re found to have been negligent. You could lose everything (and more!)

The odds are, you or someone you know will experience some kind of insurable loss. Long story short, ‘stuff happens’ and you need to decide what your tolerance for risk is. If you have millions in the bank and are not worried about covering potential losses on your own, I implore you to realize that people may just sue you because they know you have money. Having insurance gives you the financial and legal protection that you hope to never need. We can spend days guessing the odds of a loss occurring to you, and I hope nothing ever does.

I sell insurance, but when a prospect understand the need to be properly insured, my job gets 10 times easier. Having effective risk management programs in place is key to your financial success and the financial success of those who depend on you.