You might ask, where is the Rock & Roll significance to what might be discussed here… I don’t have an answer for that, but I was looking to ‘sexy up’ this blog and it seemed like a good opener. To begin, I’d like to start with my life story. Born & raised on Long Island’s North Shore to my mother and father, I knew by age 3 that I wanted to be in the insurance business. OK, maybe not quite, minus the Long Island part.

My interest in becoming an insurance broker began with my recognition of the negative in many situations I encounter. Call it ‘pessimism’ if you must, but I call it being a realist. I try not to be the ruin or crush someone’s hopes and dreams, but when asked, you can count on me to punch holes in just about anything. For a more practical and self serving purpose, my life goal in to spread this reality and help people to be properly prepared in the event of a loss. Ah, how I was made for this business.